Leeuwin Estate

This project included clearing, deep ripping and rock removal. Covering approx. 13 hectares of paddocks which were prepared to plant vines.

Tiller Dam

We cleaned out and further deepened and enlarged the existing soak dam. This provided the customer with a much more reliable water source all year round.

Water Corporation

We slash over 60km of drains from Capel to Dunsborough annually. Posi track slashers are a tough machine, which get into tight places and travel over boggy or uneven ground.

Horse Arena

We designed and constructed a 25m x 40m horse arena. This involved cutting and filling into the side of a hill to provide a flat surface,. which was then graded to allow for water runoff and dressed with grit sand as the top layer.

We are specialists providing services to local businesses and properties across the South West, as well as the following organisations: