We provide a broad range of services and capabilities using our modern fleet of highly maintained equipment and team of experienced and skilled operators.

Road Construction

Building access roads to farms and properties. traxcavator to clear trees, grader, loader or posy track, tip trucks, roller.

Dam Design & Construct

Can work with engineers to deliver the project from start to finish, as well as cleaning out, enlarging and repairing.

Large scale clearing

Clearing for new roads or designated road widenings for safety and hot spots. Vegetation removal for road construction and storm clean up for Main Roads and local government.

Ground works

Clearing and preparing the ground for new vineyard plantations, remove rocks etc, and convert to gravel for repurpose

Site Rehabilitation

Stump removal and ground rehabilitation of plantation sites, so ground can be returned to pasture.

Fire Hazard Reduction

Slashing and maintaining fire breaks for Watercorp and private properties.

We are specialists providing services to local businesses and properties across the South West, as well as the following organisations: